Baseball and Softball

Player swinging a baseball bat

The Most Advanced Batting Cages in Perth

Our ProBatter video simulator was originally designed as a baseball training aide and is a machine that is used by every single MLB club. You can take on pitchers of varying speed and pitch types to work on your hitting. See the ProBatter in action here.

We have 3 Jugs machines, perfect for practice on a self feeding machine. In addition to that we also have a Softball pitching machine to practice your hitting.

We recently welcomed Tikki Callander to Southern Cricket as our specialist Softball coach. Tikki is an experienced player and coach and her knowledge will help elevate your game to the next level.

To book your hit or coaching session simply log on to the app or through the website and secure your spot at Perth’s ultimate batting cages!

Hire Package

BUY 5 sessions and receive the 6th session FREE (20% discount) | Available Off Peak (8-4 Monday – Friday) and (8-6 Saturday & Sunday)

More Information

For more information and to find out how to enroll, please contact us on 08 9310 2670 or