Southern Cricket Holiday Program

Member of SC Holiday program being coached

Our school holiday program special

The Southern Cricket Holiday Program has been a long running and successful training program run throughout the school holidays.

Recently we decided to tweak the format and launch the new Southern Cricket Festival. The Festival combines the skills and drills of previous training programs with matches, both indoor and outdoors. We have also brought our new batting simulator, BatFast, into the holiday program to provide players with a series of fun and exciting challenges that will run alongside the ProBatter.

The Festival will run over 3 days from 10am to 4pm. The cost for the Festival is $80 a day or $180 for the 3 days.

Our next Southern Cricket Festival:

Our next Festival is scheduled for the Summer school holidays. Each day will run from 10am to 4pm:

Week 1: 13th December – 15th December
Week 2: 20th December 22nd December
Week 3: 3rd January – 5th January
Week 4: 10th January – 12th January
Week 5: 17th January – 19th January
Week 6: 24th January, 25th January and 27th January


Advanced Hitting Programme Dates, Programme runs from 1-4pm: Programme costs $120 for 2 days or $80 for 1 day:

Course 1a: 12th December      Course 1b: 16th December
Course 2a: 19th December     Course 2b: 23rd December
Course 3a: 9th January           Course 3b: 13th January
Course 4a: 16th January         Course 4b: 20th January
Course 5a: 23rd January         Course 5b: 27th January


Advanced Pace Bowling Course Dates, Course runs from 9am-12pm on Mondays: Course costs $60 per day:

Course 1A: Monday 12th December

Course 1B: Monday 19th December

Course 2A: Monday 9th January

Course 2B: Monday 16th January

Course 3A: Monday 23rd January

Course 3B: Monday 30th January


Advanced Spin Bowling Course Dates, Course runs from 9am-12pm on Fridays: Course costs $60 per day:

Course 1A: Friday 16th December

Course 1B: Friday 23rd December

Course 2A: Friday 13th January

Course 2B: Friday 20th January

Course 3A: Friday 27th January


Advanced Keeping Course Dates, Course runs from 9am-12pm: Course costs $180 for 3 days, $140 for 2 days and $80 for 1 day:

Course 1A: 9th January

Course 2A: 16th January

Course 3A: 23rd January


Next Festival

Our next Festival is scheduled for the Summer School Holidays

More Information

To secure your place either book online or contact us on 08 9310 2670 or