Batfast is Australia’s newest and most exciting batting simulator!

Batfast gives you the chance to face bowlers at any venue and at any time! The machine uses slightly softer balls so you won’t lose time getting padded up; simply grab a bat and start whacking the ball!

There is also an interactive scoring system so that you can take on your mates, colleagues, team mates or whoever to find out who is the biggest hitter.

Batfast can be used for birthday parties, club functions, corporate days or any other event to provide a fun, exciting and different experience.

We are confident Batfast can make any event a special one.

Batfast can be set up almost anywhere. For smaller spaces we can use our marquee cage, or for something more eye catching you can use our impressive inflatable cage which will certainly catch the eye!

Get in touch and find out how to hire Batfast

To secure Batfast at your event please contact us via the form below, or at or call us on 08 9310 2670.