Merlyn Bowling Machine

Batsman in the Southern cricket nets

The Merlyn bowling machine is the most sophisticated and accurate spin bowling training aid in the world.

The accuracy of the machine and the sophisticated electronic control package combine in a unique way to give you complete control of the spinning delivery. The easy to use switch panel allows complete control of line, speed, flight and the amount of top spin and side spin imparted to each ball.

This Merlyn spin machine is the only commercial unit available in Australia and is used by the ECB when their sides tour Australia. The machine is fully self-feeding so you do not need a training partner, practice has never been this accessible!


The Merlyn is available to book 7 days a week either through the phone, via our website or on our Booking App.

  • During peak times (Weekdays after 4pm) a 60 minute booking costs $60.
  • If you book through the website or App you can secure a hit for $45 during Off Peak hours (Weekdays before 4pm and all day weekends).