Overseas Academy

Alex Bevilaqua at Southern Cricket

The 2019/20 season saw the launch of the new Southern Cricket Overseas Academy.

The Overseas Academy is a training program for cricketers looking to continue their development during the Australian cricket season. The program gives players access to highly skilled and experienced coaches, state of the art facilities and our detailed Strength & Conditioning program.

Luke CoachingThe Academy will provide players with an opportunity to train every day with our staff. A typical week will provide players with the following:

  • 5 hours of group fitness sessions
  • 2 hours of group cricket training (turf nets, centre wicket)
  • 2 hours one-to-one coaching
  • 3 hours additional facility hire

Some weeks there will be practice matches arranged and the schedule will vary with the workload of club cricket. The facilities available to the players will be:

  • 2 ProBatter video simulators with 4 slow motion cameras fitted to the net
  • Merlyn spin machine
  • Batfast batting simulator
  • 3 Jugs bowling machines

As well as our practice facilities players will have access to our online systems. Hudl is our video sharing system; vision will be uploaded to players Hudl accounts that can be viewed by players, coaches and other stakeholders to help track progress. TeamBuildr is our online system that programs our S & C program. Data is collected and stored through TeamBuildr, again this can be monitored from afar.

The Overseas Academy will run when the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic subside.